3M SJ3551 400 Multi Purpose Dual Lock Heavy Duty Reclosable Fastener Velcro Tape 1 Meter

3M SJ3551 400 Multi Purpose Dual Lock Heavy Duty Reclosable Fastener Velcro Tape 1 Meter
3M SJ3551 400 Multi Purpose Dual Lock Heavy Duty Reclosable Fastener Velcro Tape 1 Meter
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3M SJ3551 400 Multi Purpose Dual Lock Heavy Duty Reclosable Fastener Velcro Tape 1 Meter


3M Dual Lock SJ3551 black hook & loop tape can be used to a maximum temperature of +200 degF. These products are generally considered "hook & loop" products. The product also use an interlocking mushroom like head increased locking strength. This particular 3M item is the mushroom hook side with a density of 400 stems/in2. It use 3M heavy duty adhesive based hook & loop tape.
Strength in Numbers

One little mushroom won't accomplish much in this world, but pair him up with a few hundred of his friends and he becomes nearly unstoppable. Teamwork, that's the idea behind the design on the 3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fastener SJ3551. When joined together, these unique, mushroom-shaped stems combine to interlock with one another, generating five times the closure strength of typical hook and loop fasteners while maintaining the ability to easily peel-apart for quick access.
3M Dual Lock SJ3551 Reclosable Fastener contains approximately 400 mushroom-shaped head stems per square inch. When two pieces of Dual Lock are pressed together the stems flex and the mushroom heads slide past each other. After mating, the stem snaps back into its original position, interlocking with the opposing heads with an audible snap that signals the fastener is engaged. This system can be opened and closed 1,000 times while maintaining 50% of the original tensile strength.
No Drilling, Screwing, Tightening, or Complex Installation

3M Dual Lock SJ3551 uses an acrylic adhesive that bonds well to a variety of high medium surface energy materials, including some plastics, metal, glass and painted surfaces. This ensures a quick and easy installation without the use of mechanical attachment processes. The adhesive sticks quickly and reaches full strength after 72 hours. Once bonded the interlocked, mushroom-shaped stems provide an attachment that holds as well as screws or rivets, yet separates easily for access.
Versatile, Durable and Invisible

There's no limit to the number of uses for 3M Dual Lock fasteners. The stems, mushroom tops, and film backing are constructed of clear polypropylene, and the polyolefin backing resist common solvents and alkaline solutions, making them ideal for a variety of purposes and environments. The fastener is recommended for use at temperatures ranging from -20°F/-29°C to 200°F/93”C. Hidden from view when attached, these fasteners provide a clean, unbroken surface, and stay strong through more than 1,000 open-close cycles.
Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners are used extensively in transportation, electronics, business equipment, machinery, medical, and sign and display markets. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications including: attaching signs, cushions, enclosure and access panels, banners, doors, adjustable shelving, vehicle ceiling panels, furniture seats and backs, and much more.
For 3M dual lock series, there's is no male or female side as both side are interlocking and exactly the same. To ensure sufficient length of use, please pre-calculate the required length. Price for 1 meter is single-sided / 1 strip only. 
Product Specifications:
Thickness: 3.5MM
Width: 2.54CM
Stems: 400 stems/in2
Product Features:
- Mushroom-shaped stems snap in place to ensure fastener is engaged
- Five times stronger in tensile than typical hook-and-loop fasteners
- Durable enough to be opened and closed 1000 times while maintaining 50% of its original strength.
- 3M heavy duty acrylic adhesive easily bonds to metals, glass and medium to high surface energy plastics.
- Can be used to replace screws, nuts and bolts.
Package Includes: 
1 x 3M SJ3551 Multi Purpose Dual Lock Heavy Duty Reclosable Fastener Velcro Tape 1 Meter

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