Warranty & Return Policy

We reserve the right to change the contents of this page without any notice. Any use of Myrcmall.com.my is subject to the user agreeing to the following terms and conditions set forth by Myrcmall.com.my. Please read this page in its entirety before purchasing any item through Myrcmall.com.my.

Important Disclaimer

All products sold by Myrcmall.com.my are brand new, have been checked for functionality and workability prior to shipping by our technician. Customer is fully responsible for damages caused during or after used for product(s) purchased. We reserve the right to refuse any return or claim due to damages caused by the above mentioned circumstances. We shall not be held responsible for any injuries or damages caused directly, or indirectly, while using the purchased product(s). Thank you for your understanding.

Warranty does not cover the incorrect purchase of our products. If goods are returned due to incorrect specification, Myrcmall.com.my reserve the right to refuse the return of the goods. Please contact us before purchase if you are not sure of the product specification.

Is there a warranty on my product?
In most case, R/C Hobby products do not carry warranty because most likely you will crash and break the product yourself, and most importantly R/C Hobby is a kind of Consumable Product which it will not last forever or will not predict/guarantee how many times of use it can be. 

Why RC Hobby products come with limited warranty?
It is a common practice for RC Hobby if you buy a RTF (Ready to Fly), RTR (Ready to Run), or BNF (Bind N Fly) product in a local physical hobby shop. The seller would usually test the hobby product in front of you (test flight) to prove the helicopter is working properly before selling to you (and you either agree the condition as seen, or disagree the condition then walk out the door without paying for it). After you walk out the door, the seller would not take responsibility for damage/defective because it is most likely that the defective was caused by a crash. This sounds not very good but this is true and a common practice for all RC Hobby sellers. If you choose to pick up the products from us directly, the product is to be tested on the spot (applicable for RTF/RTR/BNF products). 

How do I organize a return or submit a complaint?
Please contact us with the following details to obtain an authorization for return (or submit a complaint):

  1. Order ID
  2. The date you received the order from courier service
  3. Describe the problem in details
  4. Photos to show the problem (either)
    • none electronic product (eg. Skid, Blade, Tail Boom, etc.)
    • please include the photos of the packaging box if you complain for damages during transportation
  5. Videos to show the problem (either)
    • electronic product (eg. Receiver, Helicopter, Car, etc.)

Can I return my order without prior notice?
No.  It is required to submit photos or videos along with your complaint. A complaint without a proof (eg. photo / video) does not qualify for a complaint. It is the same for insurance company, you need to submit the proof in order to make a claim (that makes sense and is common to everyone in any country). 

However, it will be fine if you have decided to return the item(s) and skip to provide a photo or video. We will inspect the returning item(s) when we receive it and inform you the outcome.

** Please email us all the details (eg. Video / Photo) within 3 days after you file a complaint.

Can I get a replacement or refund without returning the item or order?
You are required to return the goods for refund or exchange unless stated otherwise.

Do I need to return the item in its original packaging?
Yes. Product(s) must be returned in original manufacturer's packaging, so we recommend you keep your packaging.

Product(s) returned without original packaging or with a missing item (eg. accessories) is not eligible for refund. In this case, we are only able to help you forward your returned product to the factory for repairing and you will be responsible for all cost (shipping and repairing).

Who will be responsible for return shipping cost?
The return shipping cost is to bear by you (the buyer). This apply to domestic and international shipping.

However, Myrcmall.com.my will bear the shipping cost of resending (in the case of factory defective only) after we have received the defect item(s) and the defected item(s) is proven to be a factory defective item(s).

Can I get refund for the original shipping cost after returning my order?
No. Shipping cost is not refundable in any circumstances.

When will I receive refund/exchange if i return the product(s)?
You agree and accept that a replacement / refund will be processed only for the product(s) which have been returned to us safely and in original manufacturer packaging. No refund / replacement will be issued before we receive the product(s) back from you.

Is there a deadline for me to submit a complaint or request for return?
Yes. A complaint or request for return must be received by us within 3 days counting from the date & time you received the parcel from courier service. 

If you have found any problem with product(s) you have received from us. Please report within 3 days,  we are unable to offer a return/refund/resend/exchange after many days or weeks should you choose not to test the product within the said period.

Is there a deadline I must return the item after my "authorization for return" request has been aproved?
You must return (shows you that have posted the parcel by giving us the tracking number) the item within 3 days after your request has been approved. Otherwise, that means you choose to give up the complaint and return, and your complaint and refund will no longer be accepted.

Lost Parcel (Not Received)
We do not refund or replace the parcel that did not arrive due to the following :-

The order will be regarded as *completed* and the customer must agree that he/she will be responsible for return (if any) and re-sending cost (if any) if any of above conditions applied.

Myrcmall.com.my reserve the right to refuse any form of return/refund/exchange/claim of product(s) due to damages caused by the above mentioned circumstances.

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